Monday, September 16, 2013

The daily doodle project

So over the summer I started a Facebook group called Daily Doodle. The rules were simple, since there was only one: one doodle a day, in any medium.  A lot of us did our best to stick to that rule, but sometimes life just got in the way or we were too busy enjoying life, which was fine, and we normally made up for it the next day. A lot of cool art came out of the little group, and all of us grew as artists because of it.
I know I definitely saw an improvement in my digital rendering abilities. So here's some of the best of what I did from the group.
I love the internet, most of this wouldn't have been possible without all the images I found for reference and added parts.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Thanks to  Essence of a dream from flickr for the paper texture!!!!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013


 This story is loosely based on the Grimm's fairytale of the 3 spinners: A lazy little girl gets picked up by a queen and is told to spin three whole rooms of flax into thread in three days, if she does it, she gets to marry the queen's son. If she can't...well they never really said there was any sort of consequence. She gets three old hags to  do it for her and she marries the prince. The end. I wasn't as interested in the story as I was interested in the 3 hag characters. They are horribly misshapen because they spin so much, and I thought there was a lot to work with those characters, and after I made my own story changes, Shield was born.

 Three incredibly sketchy grannies. I think Thor is my favorite though. In all the myths I've read he's described as not exactly being the sharpest crayon in the box and I wanted to represent that in how he disguised himself. What I love most about his design is the facial hair that he just couldn't manage to get rid of when he transformed.

 I had this idea that the troll queen would be colder than the frozen ground she walked on, causing the ground to fog up like dry ice. I didn't want to go with a fat ugly troll like in my first sketches. In my research on Norse myth, the trolls (or also called frost giants) were strong enough and advanced enough to stand on equal ground with the Norse gods themselves! they were colder than ice and lived in magnificent halls high up in the mountains. In one myth, the fertility god Freyr even fell in love with a troll at first sight! so I designed a more human looking troll queen. I had fun with her but I still think she could be better. Also I'd like to thank Nadine Pau for the lace brushes!

 I'm still playing with the troll castle.

If you look close, there are figures trapped in the ice. That's how my troll queen keeps her prisoners in the dungeon.

Ignore any atrocious spelling. They haven't invented a pencil with instant spell check yet. But this is how I normally solidify my ideas. I can't create a character and instantly pin down their life. I have way to many should-a, could-a, would-as'  knocking around in my brain box for that. So a lot of the time my sketches have notes all over them. For this project, I started drawing some heads for Keva and wound up nailing down the story instead.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Android EVE

Eve is a android owned by a mob boss modeled to look like his deceased daughter. When she is forced to kill a friend she gains sentience and runs away from the mob. She is picked up by a cargo freighter ship captained by a young woman and her small but faithful crew of misfits. they accept her into their family and protect her from the mobsters. Eve's special ability is to hack into any electronic device and control it. She also has intimate knowledge of nearly every shady organization that the mob has dealings with. Eve has a incredibly complex bionetic processor which allows her to emote, think for herself and adapt to a situation. she is so lifelike that most people forget that she is an android.
Eve actually really likes colors but she feels that she wouldn't look good in anything besides gray. She used to wear a red flower clip in her hair when she was with the mob but she left it behind when she ran away.

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Australian Aborigine Image Boards

I wanted to go from very simple to very complex to see what I could swing for animation.
For this project I pulled a female Australian dentist. I didn't want to do a dentist with an Australian accent so I thought about going tribal. These are the aborigines of Australia. They are HUGE fans of body painting and art.
 I made a second one full of elements I might use. A lot of the traditional Aborigine women I saw preferred body painting instead of clothing, so I think I'll make my dentist more modern. A story is starting to form for her in my head.